About Dr Ravi Kumar, Anesthetist

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Dr Ravi Kumar


Dr. Ravi Kumar is an experienced anesthetist with over 17 years in the field. He is also the Anesthesiologist-in-Chief Akash Medical College.

Dr. Ravikumar pursued anesthesia after his MBBS and cleared MD in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.  He has been a faculty member of various medical colleges for over 17 years.

A widely recognized clinical anesthetist, Dr. Ravi is an expert in the effects of general anesthetics and mechanisms of pain modulation and analgesia  His research in these areas is supported by his current standing as one of the eminent names in the field of anesthesia. He is active in several national and international societies for anesthesiology and critical care.

His clinical practice centers on anesthesia for plastic, pediatric and general surgeries as well as gynecologic procedures. He is an expert in the field of Bone marrow harvesting for processing to isolate Stem Cells and has done over 1000 such procedures. His interests include pain management and anesthetic techniques for various cosmetic surgical procedures.