What happens on HT day?

Best Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplantation is a fairly routine procedure with well-set protocols. Here is a low down of a typical hair transplantation schedule at Contura Clinic, Bangalore.

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Prior to Hair Transplantation

  1. The client first meets Dr. Sreekar Harinatha and plans the procedure
  2. During the consultation, the various methods of transplantation are explained and the right one is chosen for the individual
  3. The priority zones of baldness are discussed and a final treatment plan is arrived at
  4. The medical and medication history is checked and any changes as required are made
  5. Pre-shave photographs are taken and further discussed
  6. Pre-transplant blood tests and any medical tests as required are done

Two days before Hair Transplantation

  1. Now, the individual can either fully shave his head two days prior or do a zero trim one day prior.
  2. Prior shaving helps in better cleaning and washing of the scalp to avoid any minor chances of minor infections
  3. In some cases, the shaving is done only on the day of the procedure
  4. In special cases, shaving is not done at all. That is called non-shave hair transplantation and it has its own pros and cons.

On the day of HT

  1. The client comes to the clinic usually by around 8 am after having a good breakfast.
  2. Since the whole procedure is done under local anesthesia, there is no need to come on an empty stomach
  3. The client is shown into the suite and then he/she fills up medical forms, goes through the consent forms, and signs them. During this, he/she can clear doubts with the surgeon and the team
  4. Then the transplant plan is again discussed and finalized.
  5. Then markings are done for the donor and recipient areas and again pictures are taken and discussed.
  6. Once all the doubts are clarified and markings finalized, the client is taken to the hair transplantation theatre.
  7. Once the introductions are done, the client lies down on the HT table and the area is sterilized and prepped for the procedure
  8. An intravenous cannula is placed on the hand for injections and monitors are attached
  9. Then the areas are draped with sterile disposable sheets
  10. Next, the donor site is anesthetized using a mixture of anesthetics. very tiny injections are used to minimize discomfort
  11. The graft harvesting begins. It can take 2-3 hours depending on factors like the direction of grafts, the number of grafts needed, etc. We use very small micromotors and titanium punches for better results and to avoid graft injury
  12. The harvested grafts are placed in cold saline and debris is removed and the number counted
  13. Once the harvesting is done, a dressing is placed over the donor site and the client takes a break for a well-dersrved lunch or snack with beverages.
  14. The HT resumes after the break by anesthetizing the recipient areas. The procedure is similar to the donor site anesthesia
  15. Next micro sluts are done in the recipient areas according to the direction and density that is planned.
  16. These slits allow for the grafts to be inserted later
  17. Once slits are done, the grafts are placed in the accurate and appropriate direction according to the area being transplanted to achieve a natural result
  18. Sometimes the client may take another snack or washroom break in between
  19. Once the appropriate grafts and direction of implantation are achieved, PRP is done over the scalp to further augment the growth of grafts.
  20. Then a dressing is done and this marks the end of hair transplantation
  21. Then the client goes back to the suite to recover for some time and have another snack
  22. Then once the client feels good, the post HT instructions are explained in detail and final IV medications given
  23. Then the client is discharged home with an attendee.

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