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What should I do after Transplant?

https://youtu.be/Rce-Bk7MtMA HAIR WASH Hair wash is one of the most important things that can influence the final result of the hair transplant, therefore, every patient is taught how to wash the hair correctly at the clinic. The hair wash procedure involves 3 main steps: The transplanted area is covered with lotion/oil/any other suitable moisturizer and […]

FUT Vs FUE – Which is the best?

FUE transplant clinic The decision of choosing the right method of hair transplantation is often confusing for many people. This is probably due to an excess of unauthenticated information available out there. While this may seem unnecessarily convoluted at first, once you get to know the full details your decision will become easier and clearer. […]

Types of Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is an established technique to treat hair loss (alopecia) in both genders. It involves transferring scalp hair and follicles from a dense donor area to the recipient area with baldness or thinning hair. They are removed by a tube-like punch graft or scalpel and then transplanted into slits(small holes) in bald areas of […]

FAQs about Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a natural & permanent way to treat baldness. In hair transplantation, the hair from the permanent zone of the patient is transferred to the balding areas. Hair transplantation techniques have evolved greatly with the advent of modern techniques and a better understanding of hair structure & physiology. Who can undergo hair transplantation? […]